1. We diagnose and evaluate your systems value.
  2. We quote your repair and offer a trade-in value.
  3. You decide to repair or go with a new system. (read more)

We have a major advantage over the other Hospitality and POS vendors specifically due to our expertise in computer board level experience.  Almost all Hospitality and POS vendors are experts within thier software and do very little if any hardware repair...they just replace hardware!  Additionally, they usually cut cost by using older components and hardware without passing their savings onto you.  This will decrease your systems longevity.  This can cost you thousands and is not customer service friendly.  Genie Computer Services has been in the hardware business since 1992 and we always use the most bang for your buck hardware and pass those savings on to you. Call to compare your POS Workstations components to see if your vendor is taking advantage of you.

Genie Computer Services has provided nationwide repair services for over 20 years.  We specialize in mother board, surface mount, power supply, display repair, and printer repairs on many of the leading manufacturers of POS systems and peripherals.  Every unit sent to our repair center undergoes a  comprehensive diagnostic process to isolate weak or defective components.  Our professional technicians follow precise procedures and use genuine factory parts to repair all equipment.  Our repairs carry a 1 year warranty.  Our standard service includes not only replacing the failed component but also cleaning all other components, replacing worn components, and testing equipment to ensure that it is operating according to specifications.