Our diagnostic and trade-in process insures you get the best advice on your computer repair, upgrade, or trading in value.

Our Process is Simple!

  1. We diagnose and evaluate your systems value.
  2. We quote your repair and offer a trade-in value.
  3. You decide to repair or go with a new system.

Our diagnostic procedure insures you get the best advice from our technicians.

1. We first take a look at the specifications of your computer to determine its real value. Next we identify or try to duplicate the problem and assess what it would cost you to repair.  Then we check to see if there are any recommended upgrades, or other issues to address.

(example: HP Laptop with a broken screen approximately 3 years old with specifications of an Intel dual core processor, 2gb of memory, 250gb hard drive, and a 15" display running Windows 7. This would have an after repair value of approximately $225, and a trade-in value of $100)

2. Next we put together a quote that will consist of the repair cost, plus any recommended upgrades and we put this on the quote as option 1.

(example: HP Laptop screen $89 plus labor $49 equals $138.  We would also recommend 2gb of memory $29 bringing the total repair and upgrade to $167)

3. Then we get the pricing for a new system, and subtract the trade-in value and put this on the quote as option 2.

(example: A new HP Laptop with 4gb of memory, and a 500gb hard drive, and Windows 8 for $399 minus the trade-in value of $100 would only cost you $299) 

This way you will be able to weigh whether it is feasible to fix or if you should replace it... thus giving you the best options and advice for your computer repair.

So there you have it... in the examples listed above you would have:

  • Option 1) Repair & Upgrade for $167 (1 year warranty), or
  • Option 2) New HP laptop after trade only $299 (3 year warranty)

In this example we would recommend the new HP laptop, but ultimately it is your decision.