Top 10 list Why Dentist, Chiropractors, & other Professionals choose us as their IT partner.

  1. Cyber Security and Compliance Specialist (PCI, HIPPA, & FINRA)
    Using a multi-layered Cyber Security approach we keep your business safe, and we understand the compliance and security needs to fulfill these requirements thus giving you a peace of mind that it’s handled.
  2. 27 Years Serving Tampa Bay Area in IT Services
    We started as a system builder, and break/fix center, but keeping up with the technology changes have enabled us to serve the Tampa Bay area for 27 years. We have seen several IT companies come and go, but the key is research and education. Our pride & joy!
  3. We Answer The Phone {Fast Responsive Interaction)
    You can count on a friendly live person answering the phone within 3 rings! We also provide a one click “request service” app on your taskbar…you can even text us which creates a ticket, and our ticket response is 15 minutes or less.
  4. Experience With Dentrix, Eclipse, Officemate & Other 3rd Party Software
    We are software agnostic and will work with any of your software vendors, internet providers, VOIP services, alarm companies, security services, making your IT services a 1 stop shop!
  5. Knowledgeable, Talented, USA Only Staff
    We do not outsource our support staff. Being both a break-fix & IT management center affords us the opportunity to have entry level technicians move up the ladder through education & experience, while this keeps our engineers current with the latest threats and issues that get lost through the corporate blinders.
  6. Honest & Great Work Ethic (written honor code)
    We listen to “your” needs and provide services to your expectations! All of our staff have signed an honor code ensuring excellent customer service, privacy, and making sure your data stays secure.
  7. No Overbilling or Surprises and Projects On Time
    All projects are provided in written quotes along with time frames of completion. We do not nickel & dime or have any surprise billing.
  8. Our Warranty & Their Warranty (dual protection)
    All new servers, computers, & laptops procured through us come with a dual 3-year warranty. The manufacturers and ours, so we got you covered locally & nationally.  Additionally, we are authorized by most manufacturers allowing us to do the repairs saving valuable time.
  9. Business Technical Reviews (BTR reviews)
    We perform FREE of charge a Business Technical Review for all our managed clients on a regular scheduled time frame at your convenience.
  10. Guaranteed Service Times
    We guarantee we will be onsite in emergency response within 90 minutes or the first hour is free!