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Windows 8, Open Office, Google Drive, etc...

Genie Computer Systems offers lessons and training!  Whether you want to do it yourself with video tutorials and lessons, you want someone to show you how to do something specific, or if you want a one-on-one lesson we can help.


The menu on the left and the icons above are a great source of FREE "do it yourself" Windows lessons, email lessons, office lessons, and social network lessons like Facebook.  Try them out...we think you will like them.

Our Genie Remote Help is a great way for one of our staff to show you how to do something specific, like backup your Quickbooks or pictures, crop photos, or even email an attachment.  We can do this without you leaving your home or the link above to learn more.

And if you need a more hands on approach like a one-on-one with a member of our staff just call our office to schedule an appointment.  Phone: (727) 322-9474