Windows 8 Menu

Windows 8 Menu

Posted by geniewish on March 12, 2013

My new windows 8 menu is hard to navigate is there anything I can do? Almost done with it...

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Posted by geniewish on
You can do a few things making it easier to navigate the new Windows 8 metro menu.
1) Visit our free lessons page and take the free windows 8 lesson.
2) You can start to navigate thru the desktop rather than the metro screen; just click the desktop icon
3) We can install a menu system that makes your system have the same type of menu that windows 7 & XP had. This makes it very easy to find your files, find the control panel, and navigate the windows 8 operating system. The metro (startup) screen is primarily designed for touchscreen input, and with our Windows 7 start menu you can even set it to be the start screen. Call us and we can set it up with our remote repair.

Thanks for asking,
Posted by Denise on
How much do you charge for the menu system?
Posted by geniewish on
The charge is only $35 to do it remotely, but we will also perform a complete system checkout, system optimization & cleanup. If you just want the menu system the charge in only $20.
Posted by Sharon Davis on
Hello, I was in your store around the end of last year with an Asus laptop that experienced a burned out motherboard. You all were nice enough to switch laptops with me for an affordable price. But now, my dilemma is that the new laptop does not have the Epson Artisan 710 data installed as the Asus did and as such I cannot use my printer. Please help. Thank you
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