Beware of website builders

Beware of website builders

Posted by geniewish on May 29, 2013

I had a client that built their website with one of these website builders software.  The finished product was beautiful, very well layed out, but defeated one major purpose..."marketing".  Almost all of the website builders softwares make it easy to create a good looking website, but lack on the SEO "search engine optimization" aspect.  And, this is the most important part!  You need a website not only for a web presence, but to bring in more clients.  So, before spending the time to create a good looking website you should consult with us "free" to get the most out of your website.

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Posted by Chuck Rogers on
All of our websites are built with SEO being one of the top priorities, and secondly that the website owner can easily maintain it. This is why we primarily build CMS (content management system) websites using Concrete5. Made for marketing Concrete5 makes it easy for all the search engines to crawl your website and get the rich content that essentially gets found from end users searching for your type of content. The best kind of marketing today is the web, and if you are not using it right, you can just keep spending money on the yellow pages. Website builder software that all the hosting companies provide is really a waste of might be able to build a good looking website, but if nobody can find what good is it?

Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your web needs.
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e) Miscellaneous- you also want to know what kind of hard drive your laptop has. I think Asus won in the end because of the value they provide.
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