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11/05/2013 Currently accepting applications for any position listed in red.

Management - Owner Assistant - Bookkeeper

Counter Sales - Outside Sales - Ebay Sales

PC & Laptop Techcian - Cell Phone Tablet TechTV & Display Technician - Apprenticeship Technician

Genie Computer Systems Employment

We enjoy a fast paced, fun, and casual work environment while maintaining a professional client relationship.  Genie Computer Systems is a leading technology business that employs under 25 employees.  In our business environment each employee has to be able to handle multiple roles in order to keep business running smoothly.  A technician may need to cover counter sales or answer the phone, a manager may need to do some bookkeeping, or the bookkeeper many need to assist the manager.  So an employee capable of wearing multiple hats is an asset to the company.

Incredible Employees

There are those employees that do what they are supposed to in their job and stop there, but there are those that go above and beyond to do things that show they are an incredible employee and a great asset to our company.

Speak Up not Out

Sometimes we think that a good employee is someone that does their job and doesn’t make a fuss out of many things, but one of the top qualities of the best employees is that they are willing to talk when others won’t.  Don’t confuse this with someone who is loud and makes every small problem into something huge.  Instead, we look for the person who will speak up when it is in the best interest of everyone, but do not speak out just because they can. 

Prove Oneself

Our best employees show that they are more than capable of doing just thier tasks.  People who work hard to prove that they can do something are people that will push the envelope, perhaps break the status quo just slightly, and provide our company with results they had never imagined.

Praise and Complain

The best employees will praise others who are doing a great job.  They don’t do it because they are looking for attention or praise in return, but because they truly care.  Additionally these people won’t complain to everyone that will listen, but when they have a valid complaint they quietly talk to those involved without making a fuss, and if need be, speak with the manager.

With this in mind, you may realize that our best employees do more than just work hard, they make the working atmosphere one that people look forward to coming to each & every day.

Do you possess some of these qualities?  Would you like to join a team that works together to obtain a fun and successful working environment?  Please fill out the Employment Application Form below.