About Genie Computer Systems

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About Us

Genie Computer Systems Since 1992 has always been about computer repair, laptop repair, and tablet repair.

Genie Computer Systems was founded in June of 1992, and has continued to grow and serve our client base, and the general public, due to a commitment to customer satisfaction. In 1997 we purchased our current location with the intent of serving and providing the public with computer products and services for many years to come. We have continued to upgrade our location and create a better experience for both our employees and the clients we serve. We have been building, maintaining, and repairing computer systems & networks with an ongoing education to enable us to provide these services with confidence.

The name "Genie Computer Systems came from the 70's television show "I Dream Of Jeannie" with the thought that everyone would love to have a Genie when needed. When a Genie is needed for your computer, please call us and we will be happy to fulfill your computer needs.   Your wish is our command!  READ OUR REVIEWS

For over 20 years our mission has been to distribute the highest quality computer products and services  at the lowest possible price, while maintaining the support you need.  Whatever you might be looking for, or have a question about, if it is computer related we will try to assist you with either our own resources, or recommend where you can get your product or question answered.  Many stores believe that they can hike up their prices to accompany their “good service.”  Others believe that they do not need to offer good service if they have low prices.  We at Genie Computer Systems offer great service while maintaining low prices.  Not all of our customers are computer experts.  When a customer is beginning to learn about computers we are particularly patient and careful in introducing them to computers.  Good service implicitly entails adopting the customer's needs and interests as one's own.  Sales staff at other stores will often coerce a customer into purchasing a more expensive item or switch over to a product line that yields a higher commission for them.  Our sales staff, who do not work on commission, are trained to sell you only what you need.  We like to think that we have a fundamental dedication to our customers' interests.  Much of our business comes from referral, one customer recommending our store to his or her friends.  Thus, fostering a customer's trust is our first goal and most important asset.         

We guarantee all our new systems 2 ways 1) We offer a 30 day 100% trade-up policy on any of the products purchased. If you are not happy with any product purchased  you can upgrade to a better product with a 100% trade up value, and 2) Home of the 3 YEAR WARRANTY!   Most computer centers give a 1 year warranty with the computers they sell, and offer to sell you an extended warranty for as much as $150. At Genie Computer Systems we have always given a 3 year warrantee  at no extra charge. We are able to provide this because we use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equipment that is backed by the manufacturers with a better warranty. This means that all of Genie Computer Systems carry a .ltd 3 year warranty. All parts and labor are covered for a period of 1 year from purchase date, and all labor for a period of 3 years from purchase date. Most of the OEM components we use exceed a 1 year warrantee (CPU's, Monitors, Memory, Hard Drives), thus giving the end user a piece of mind for 3 years, at no extra charge!